Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox by Erin Dealey

I absolutely adored the author's creativity in using a fairy tale icon to introduce children to the chicken pox. Other fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters pop up in the book too! Henny Penny, Jack be Nimble, Little Bo Peep and her sheep and Little Red Riding Hood all come over to Goldie's house to pay her a visit. Goldie's pesty little brother cracked me up throughout the book. He had no clue what was coming for him! Reading this story instantly reminding me of my Mom's stories about her experience when my twin sister and I had the chicken pox at the same time. She says it was a lovely experience..NOT! Apparently, we were running all over the house, being just as destructive as usual and assisting each other in scratching the itching spots. For the most part, we were unfazed. Nothing could stop us from getting into trouble. What's crazy is that we looked almost identical to Goldie. We had blonde hair that was so light it almost looked white and huge, bright blue eyes, only ours weren't innocent like Goldie's.

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